Space Apps 2017 Brooklyn

Calling all tinkerers, artists, scientists and passionate makers to spend 48 hours hacking science!

28-30th April 2017

CartoDB, 201 Moore St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

What is Space Apps 2017?

NASA is on a mission to foster innovation around challenges affecting us at home and in space. Driven by that mission, Space Apps is a 48-hour annual hackathon coordinated by hundreds of remote teams and site-organizers. The goal is to inspire citizen teamwork for positive change across every skill level and discipline, with a solid focus on space and science.

We'll also be hosting Science Hack Day in August, and wanted to further support Brooklyn nerds who might not be able to make it to the Manhattan Space Apps event with our awesome Brooklyn Data Bootcamp and Hack Day in Bushwick.

Categories - Earth

We invite anyone interested in science to attend and hack on a project that suits their interest, we'll pitch and select teams on the first day of the hackathon. The theme for Space Apps 2017 is Earth, you can check out the challene categories here and listed below!

  1. The Earth and Us
  2. Challenges in this category will ask you to combine NASA Earth Science data with sociological and economic information to generate new understanding and perspectives on human-environment interactions.

  3. Planetary Blues
  4. Challenges in this category will ask you to analyze and visualize NASA’s data on the hydrosphere (surface and groundwater, etc.) and the cryosphere (sea ice and ice sheets, etc.).

  5. Warning! Danger Ahead!
  6. Challenges in this category will ask you to analyze NASA data to assist in monitoring natural disasters and phenomena associated with health risks, and to assess their impacts on life and property.

  7. Our Ecological Neighborhood
  8. Challenges in this category will ask you to use NASA Earth Science data to study ecological systems and generate solutions to understand life here on Earth better.

  9. Ideate and Create!
  10. Challenges in this category will ask you to interpret NASA Earth Science data creatively and design new means to experience NASA Earth Science data and technologies.


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Registration officially opens the first week in April, and you'll be able to register on our Space Apps site here.


If you would like to sponsor the event, or bring down equipent or supplies, run a workshop or generally get involved fill out the form here.